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Clam Shell Solution

The automated gates under the weigh bins that are programmed to open and close to automatically release specific amounts of aggregate/product into the cement trucks had been identified as faulty.

The amount of product that was being recorded (via advanced computers and electronics) as coming through the gates did not match the amount that was actually going into the trucks. Not only was the client losing product, but the cement was not a consistent design. CALD was called in to investigate.

After an analysis of the plant, we discovered multiple factors had caused the problem. Including, corrosion, lack of maintenance and product slippage between the auto releases. Previously, the client had undertaken ‘patch ups’ to resolve the problem. This involved re-plating the metal inside the bins, onsite welding and a four-day shut down.

Due to the welding required, expensive weigh scale testing was also required as welding wreaks havoc on and can even permanently damage the expensive electronics that control the product release. Further, this whole process was not even a permanent solution – it was required to be undertaken annually. CALD offered a solution that required half the labour, half the shut down time to install and no onsite welding required.

We designed and fabricated new gates, specifically created to fit the existing plant. These gates boasted superior corrosion resistance, were easy to install and operate and require minimal maintenance. The gates were modular in design and all parts between all units are interchangeable.