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Chute System Redesign

A client came to CALD because the wear plates in its concrete loading chutes which divert the dry aggregate mix from fixed plant into the trucks were only lasting three to four months.

Each replacement was costly to both the maintenance budget and productivity and efficiency. The cost each time was $3000 – $4000, required plant shut down and dangerous onsite work.

Upon analysis of this problem, CALD identified two main issues: poor chute design causing restrictive flow and an incorrect grade of metal used. We were also aware that the product flowing along the chutes is highly corrosive and abrasive.

To achieve the best solution for the client, we worked with their batching operator to conduct a series of tests in order to ascertain the optimum position of the chute to minimise product spillage and maximise flow. We then research steel to identify the grade that would best stand up to the conditions. With this information at hand, we designed a new, single piece chute that has been in place for over 12 months and has required no maintenance or further work.