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Cement Silo Valve Repair

One of our clients asked us to repair the rotary cement valve located underneath one of their cement silos that is used to pump concrete from the silo into a weigh scale hopper.

On assessment of this job, CALD discovered that this particular valve, had limited parts available in New Zealand and those parts were costly and slow to acquire. Further, the client advised that the valve required a lot of maintenance and absorbed a large part of its preventative maintenance budget each year.

In response, we undertook some research and we identified a new design valve that delivered twice the output in half the time. In order to make this valve compatible with the existing plant, we undertook some structural modifications to the silo and the cement discharge pipe.

This work was done at the same cost as one year’s maintenance on the old valve. Further, the new valve has interchangeable parts that are readily available nation wide at a much better price.